Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Man eating moths, Happy Halloween, and more volleyball!

HOLA familia y amigas!
This week has been WAY exciting, but time is flying by. I honestly cannot believe ut will be three weeks tomorrow! Although I am missing you all, I am loving every minute of it here!

Wednesday was a crazy day.... actually.... they all are... Anyway, at the end of gym time, we decided to sit in the grass... you know, until the SPRINKLERS CAME ON! It literally lasted FIVE SECONDS. Someone totally did that on purpose! Luckily we were in our gym clothes. Right after gym, two of the other hermanas from our district came over, and Hermana Johnson answered the door with a scream! THE BIGGEST MOTH I HAVE EVER SEEN was just chilling on the door. I have never seen a moth that big. Holy cow. Guess who saved the day? Yeah, yours truly.

Our water was shut off on Thursday. This casa is the casa of the Devil.
Our toilets clog easily, our lights have gone out, AND we lost our water. Oh well....

Friday... HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Thanks to my amazing family for the Halloween candy. I, as well as my district, REALLY appreciated it!  As I have said before, our first investigator, Esdras, became our teacher and HE IS AWESOME. This past week we taught him again, but we taught him as Raul. We went in prepared to teach the Restoration, but when he started talking about how he didn t have a relationship with God, we completely changed our lesson. We talked, instead, about the importance of prayer and how much God loves him. For winging it, we did really well! Sometimes, not knowing what to say is way hard, but his feedback really helped. We are surely getting there!

Saturday, we started our 24 hour fast, with it being the first of the month and all. We ate lunch on Saturday, then didn’t eat until lunch on Sunday. On Saturday, I played more volleyball, and VOLLEY BALL IS SO DANGEROUS. Elder Mihu and I were going for the ball, and as he went for it, he almost knocked me over. It was hilarious!  THEN. Yesterday, I got backslapped in the eye. Literally. Luckily, all it did was get a little red. NO SWELLING! It is truly the little things.

We have had a few companionship building activities, and let me just say that my comp ROCKS. We are a great pair. I freaking love that girl. I am incredibly blessed with the people I have met here. I love my district so much.

Some new obsessions of mine include ping pong, nutella, volleyball, and the dot/box game. Elder Reynolds (District Leader) and I have played multiple games... and they have gotten intense! How exactly can the dots game get so intense, you ask? Good question, but it DOES. (I’ve won every time... might I add... I am kind of a big deal).

Sundays are the best. I have slept a LOT this past Sunday, though. We were given the same lesson in Relief Society, so I slept. Hehe? We were served some Day of the Dead bread here at the CCM. As well as some weird candy that I wasn’t willing to try. It is a big deal here.

Before I left, I worried about A LOT. Those worries have kinda slipped away... I love the place and the people and the food and my district and my COMP! I love the language, although its hard. I am happy and incredibly blessed.

I love you all. Praying for you always!

Hermana Orchard

Selfie with the district

We are so adorable!

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