Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Last week at the CCM!

Good Morning Family & Friends!

Time is going by WAY TOO FAST. I hit my one month mark a couple days ago! WHAT. I have exactly one week left here in the CCM. I actually just found out I leave real early next Tuesday (230am), but if I think about leaving too much, I get pretty sad. Anyway, I will not have a Pday next week, so if ya write me, I will answer in a couple weeks FROM UTAH.

This week has been pretty great, of course. We have been practicing teaching a lot this week. My companion and I started teaching "Jguan (yes, that is spelled right...)" aka Elder Reynolds. It has been pretty interesting.... The Elders started teaching "LuLu" aka ME. I love being on the other side of the lessons and they are pretty great teachers.

I guess I am doing a lot better at this whole teaching in another language than I thought. We have been told our Spanish is pretty good by different people. That makes me feel better, but I am still pretty worried about leaving the CCM and heading out into the REAL world.

FUNNY language story! We were teaching Andres the 10 commandments and we asked if he had statues or emblems he worshipped or prayed to (because, you know, that isnt good...). Well, we asked if he had any "antepasados" and when he said yes, we told him he couldnt have those and we asked if he prayed to them...
He said no, but I am am glad we didnt tell him to get rid of them because ANTEPASADOS MEANS ANCESTORS. We told him he couldnt have ANCESTORS. Awkward.

I do feel as if I am doing pretty well here. Better than I thought I would... It could be a lot better, though. We dont use our time as wisely as we should and we actually talked about it in a meeting as a district on Sunday. We are going to work pretty dang hard this week and come closer as a district at the same time.

Today will be pretty boring. I hope to spend a lot of time as a district because this is our last Pday. I love my district so much. I love being in the CCM and I love being a missionary. I am already freaking out about getting out in the real world, but I know it'll be okay.

"When you don´t think you can do this, you´re right, but with the Lord´s help, you can." David A Bednar. He was talking to the missionaries, but I think this applies to everyone :)

Love you all

Hermana Orchard

         Trying to escape the CCM??  

It's a district RAINBOW!

Hermana Ferguson and Orchard

Johnson and Orchard

Finally some rain!

Singing in the rain?

Hermana Dietze and Hermana Orchard


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