Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Angels among us :)

While at the Dallas airport during their layover (with Hermana's Winks and Ferguson, and Elder Mihu) a wonderful missionary mom came up to Kathy's table and talked to them for a few minutes, took their picture and said she'd email their picture to their parents. Her email I recieved a little bit ago follows. (LOVE awesome members who understand how we want to see our beautiful childrens faces!)

Hello Missionary Parents,
My name is Jenette. I had the privilege of meeting your 4 beautiful Missionaries this morning at the DFW Airport where I work. I am a Missionary Mom and have loved the pics that have been sent to me by members where our daughters are serving, so I had to snap a picture to send of your children. Our 4 children have served Missions and our two youngest daughters will be returning home in just a few weeks.
I want you to know that your son and daughters look great and are in very high spirits as they embark on this magnificent journey. Enjoy the pic, I will keep your Missionaries in my prayers.

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