Tuesday, December 2, 2014

First week in Utah, Thanksgiving and Reindeer? :)

Hello family and friends!
I can honestly say this has been the hardest week of my life... Hopefully things get better this next week!
We landed in Salt Lake and we got a ton of "Welcome Homes." Also, as we walked in, there was a huge Welcome Home sign and balloons and it was so intense. They cheered so loud for us, even when it wasn't for us! I WASNT EVEN COMING HOME, but I could've cried haha.
We saw our ride holding the Utah Ogden Mission sign and we were off to the mission office. We had a few training meetings, which are pretty difficult when you're running on only a couple hours of sleep, an interview with the mission president, dinner, and a testimony meeting before heading to a members house to sleep. Hermana Ferguson and I stayed in the same home and we talked for a while before going to sleep and hour and a half earlier than usual (which was AWESOME).
After breakfast in the morning, we had a meeting and then our Trainer Reveal Meeting. These missionaries are crazy! It was intimidating how loud and insane they were as each missionary was assigned their trainers. I was originally assigned not one, but TWO trainers. However, there was an issue, so I switched and my new trainer was Hermana Nava. She has been out 13 months and is from California. We get along, so that's good.

We were also given our iPads! I'm a facebook mission, but I haven't posted yet because I'm STILL trying to clean it up. So annoying. However, I can't message anyone outside of my mission, but I can see posts from friends on facebook!

My first area consists of Roy.. West Haven.. And Hooper.  We are the only Spanish speaking missionaries this area, so we cover a lot. Attending the Spanish branch on Sunday was so weird! I couldn't understand a thing and it's so frustrating!

This week has been interesting. I've met a lot of new people, members and nonmembers. Our thanksgiving was spent with a really funny family. They are wonderful, as well as many of the people I have met. My trainer has pulled a couple pranks on me, but they're innocent and funny. We've actually had a couple lessons in English and I really enjoy them. When we teach in Spanish, I sit there and don't say much because I can't understand anything. I'm having a tough time with the language, as well as some other things so any extra prayers are insanely appreciated.
I love and miss you all. I pray for you all.

Hermana Orchard

Welcome Home from companion

Ogden, Utah Temple


Treats after a prank that went awry..lol

Thanksgiving! Looks like a great group of people to be with!

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