Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Seeing old friends from the CCM and more



I hope you all have an outstanding Christmas! If you haven't already, go check out the He is the Gift video. We use it a lot, because it's so good. I've seen it probably a bajillion and one times, but I love it every time!

This week was pretty good. I appreciate the letters and cards that come in! I don't think you all realize how loved I feel when I get something! YOU'RE ALL AWESOME. People are also always giving us money or paying for our food. I appreciate that so much. One man walked up to us and handed us $4... it wasn't much, but it was so nice. There are good people in the world, that's for sure :)

Saturday morning we went to the Mission Office, where we met up with other Spanish speaking missionaries. We did a service project where we helped families go through a store to find gifts for their kids or even themselves. They need the Spanish missionaries to help those that did not speak English.... uh. PANIC. I don't know enough Spanish to help other families! However, both families I helped knew English. That was a relief. :)

We have been planning on taking a boy to the temple FOR QUITE A WHILE NOW. When the moment arrived, we got a text saying he left his temple recommend (which is NEEDED to get through the temple!) in his friend's car and his friend went to California! AH. We were totally bummed, but we will be making other plans SOON.

This past week we had the awesome opportunity to go CHRISTMAS CAROLING. We met up with quite a few people from our branch and visited a couple of people. We also had our branch Christmas party on Saturday. We have been inviting people for a couple of weeks now, but we were really hoping more people would show up. It was a little disappointing, but we still had a really good time.

Yesterday we had a conference for all the Spanish speaking missionaries! Definitely needed! I learned a lot and I thought it was a lot of fun. I saw Sister Ferguson (from the MTC) and that totally made my whole week.

FUNNY STORY. Every Friday, we have weekly planning. We went to the church building to plan and after doing some planning, we were talking about how our hands were pretty dry. We ran out to the car to get some lotion and as we did, I said, "Oh, I'm glad I left the car unlocked because I forgot the keys...." As I said that, Hermana Nava and I turn around and yell as we watch the door LOCK SHUT. I forgot the car keys... as well as the key to let us back in!!!! NOO. It was hilarious and frustrating, because we didn't have our iPads or our phone or anything. We found someone with a key, but it was such a funny situation.

It was definitely an interesting week.
I miss you all so very much! I am way too excited to Skype my family in a couple of days.
I wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas! Remember what CHRISTmas is all about :)
I love you! Praying for you!
Hermana Katherine Orchard

Jumping for..joy? 
Hermana Ferguson from the CCM!

Companion selfie

Young Women at the Branch Christmas Party

Hermana Winks and Hermana Ferguson with Hermana Orchard.. together again :)

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