Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Saying goodbye at the CCM

The only reason I am on today is because I leave at 230 tonight!!! AH! I am freaking OUT. Ogden, HERE I COME. I feel pretty unprepared, but I know (deep, deep down) that it will all be okay! I am totally dreading the COLD. I am so used to Mexico weather and I do not want to leave!
Also! HAPPY THANKSGIVING. It doesnt feel real that this week is Thanksgiving! I am so excited to be back in the states for the holiday!
Friday was a long and interesting day. We had in field workshops ALL DAY. These workshops were to prepare us for leaving the CCM. I learned a lot and I will surely use what I learned.
Yesterday was a pretty emotional day! During Sacrament Meeting, my district got up and sang Come Thou Fount as our special musical number. We sang the first two verses in Spanish and the last in English. It was awesome. My district had the opportunity to bear our testimonies. Throughout the day, we took a bajillion pictures and attended different meeting. We watched a couple of videos, as we always do, and we also ended the meeting with a farewell video. I sat next to Elder Reynolds and my awesome comp. They were KILLING me. They are hilarious.
I cannot believe we are the ones leaving this week. The past couple weeks, we have been dreading being the ones up there on the screen. UGH. I love my district SO MUCH. A few of us have been writing letters to one another to read on the plane and saying goodbye to them is like, the hardest thing I have had to do so far. I am going to have a tough time if I get this attached to everyone I meet!!!!!!!
I have LOVED my experience here, and although I will miss Mexico, I know I am needed in Utah. LOVE YOU ALL. So incredibly grateful for your prayers and support!
Praying for you all!
Hermana Orchard

**We heard from Hermana Orchard after she landed in Dallas, and I will tell you, it was WONDERFUL to hear her voice! I had Maddy call Paul on her phone and had both phones on speaker phones so we could all talk together. She is doing great, nervous, excited, anxious.. you name it, but who wouldn't be? She flew in with two other sisters and an elder, and will continue on to Utah with atleast two of them. We should get an email from her mission president letting us know she arrived, so will post something once we hear from him ~Angie**

Branch presidency with district
With Zone leaders



In the TALL Lab

With teacher Hermano Candia

The entire zone

Hermana Ferguson

with Elder Mihu

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