Tuesday, October 21, 2014

First P-day letter! (Preparation Day)

Hola familia y amigos!! 

This has been the hardest, but one of the best weeks ever. When we landed in Mexico, we got on a bus and headed to the CCM (MTC, but here it is the CCM. Pronounced SAY SAY EH MAY). The driving here is wild. No one follows any traffic rules and it was kinda scary! It is so noisy here in Mexico. There are so many fireworks that go off because the Catholics are celebrating Patron Saints of EVERYTHING! 

My district is awesome. There are 8 of us and we are always together. We have a ton of classes throughout the day, so those are the people I am always with. Hermana Dietze is my companion from Arizona and she is just great. I love being with her. We live in a casa and in each casa, there are 5 rooms... in each room, 4 girls. Obviously Hermana Dietze is with me, but so is Hermana Johnson & Nyre. They are so wonderful! I really love being with them. So, they are in my district... then we have Hermana Winks and Ferguson. The Elders are Elder Reynolds (district leader) and Mihu. They are all so cool and we have really connected in this past week. At the end of the 6 weeks, we will either love or hate each other. 

We have had plenty of devotionals... including Elder Anderson! He is one of the twelve apostles in our church, and he came to speak to us! We also shook his hand, and the hands of a member of the Seventy! We watched a couple videos, and I cry often because of those dang videos. As I said, we have had lots of classes about teaching and what we should know, but we were THROWN INTO THE LANGUAGE FROM THE START. No English. It helps, but it gets overwhelming. 

The food here is great. I love it. The water is CLEAN, at least here in the ccm! I am actually really proud of myself. Eating healthy. exercising daily and I have never drank so much water in my life! I love it and I feel great health wise. You may not recognize me when I get home (KIDDING)! 

Interesting fact. My transfer group (meaning the group I arrived with) is the smallest group they have ever had here at the CCM, as well as the first with many more sisters than Elders! So nuts to be apart of that! 

The Lord has truly blessed me with energy. You know how I would stay up way too late and wake up late, as well? Getting on a new schedule wasnt hard at all. It did not take long to get used to. I have also realized how much I love playing Volleyball. I play for like, 40 minutes each day, then we ride one of the excercise bikes for ten or twenty minutes... then we run home. It really is a great routine. 

My letters arent flowing too well, but I just want to tell you EVERYTHING. Before each Sunday, we are to prepare a talk about the topic of the week. This past week, the topic was the Atonement. So, I prepared a talk, EVEN THOUGH OUR ZL (zone leaders) TOLD US WE WOULD NOT SPEAK! It was our first Sunday, after all. I am so glad I prepared a talk. The district leaving bore their testimonies, and I thought Sacrament meeting was over. You do not know until Sacrament meeting who is speaking. Our branch counselor got up, spoke all in Spanish, when I heard my name. Yupp. I was to give a five minute talk about the atonement in spanish my first week there. I killed it, though (; Or so I was told... I did not understand most of what I was saying.... 

Sundays are my second favorite day of the week (first being Tuesdays because it is pizza day.... jk, I love reading all your letters, of course!). Sunday was calm and we watched a ton of videos. I loved it so much! My favorite quote this week was from President Uchtdorf... "God cares about you. He will listen and He will answer your personal questions. The answers will come in His own way and in His own time, and therefore, you need to learn to listen to His voice." Right in the heart Pres. Uchtdorf. 

Unfortunately, I need to go. I love you all! Praying for you all!! I love being a missionary, even when it gets tough.
Hermana Orchard

Mission Possible

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